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Spreadshirt design service - We turn your idea into a digital design or logo
One price for any graphic
Only $19.99 per design.
100% handmade
by experienced designers
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What we can do for you

Example of an unprocessed logo
Example of an edited logo

We optimise your images and photos for print.

Example of a sketched team logo
Example of a digitised team logo

We turn your draft into a printable design.

Photo of dog with background
Photo of a dog cropped free from background

We rid your graphics of unwanted backgrounds.

You want to realize an idea and need a custom design or a printable template? We help you to get the best possible print result!

Free-form selection, vectorisation, converting — any design rendering costs $19.99. You may use your finished design anywhere.

This is how it works

The graphics service will have your design prepared within 1-3 workdays. In 4 easy steps you’ll get the graphic file the way you want it:

  • 1 Just fill in the form below. What do you want to use the finished design for? How do you envision it looking? Please tell us as precisely as possible.
  • 2 Attach your file to the form. Possible file formats are jpg, png, gif, bmp, eps, ai cdr, svg, psd or pdf.
  • 3 Go to the cart and place your order.
  • 4 We’ll send you the finished design by e-mail after 1-3 workdays.

More information can be found in our FAQ section. All set? Then...

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Specify your idea in detail so we can create a print template that meets your expectations.
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Describe your idea as well as you can. Feel free to share links to show us example images or illustrate styles you like.
Do you know which products your new design should be printed on? Any idea of how big the design should be? Any special colors? We want to know :)
Upload your design or template.*
1Possible file formats (up to 20MB): jpg, png, gif, eps, ai, cdr, svg or pdf**mandatory fields
Your personal design service
$19.99 incl. VAT
You will receive your design within 1-3 workdays.
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